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The world in a ravioli

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They are a specialty of northern Italy, where they appeared in the 16th century. Legend has it that, like so many things, Marco Polo brought them from China: wantan would be the direct ancestors of ravioli. 
Buenos Aires, it is known, is the largest city in Italy. We inherit the pasta of our Italian ancestors, immigrants who gave us this “fattening” daily joy and the ravioli as a Sunday luxury.
pasta light, cooked to its exact point, neither glop nor a hard paste, filled with various options, which has historically been accompanied with beef stew - long-cooked fish that perfumes the mornings of the Sunday-.
Although in the pasta houses long lines form Sundays to supply ravioli, they are not always good. In most cases they are mediocre, almost industrial in nature.
It's not fast food. Foresighted aunts and grandmothers kneaded the dough on Saturday night, let it dry, and on Sunday filled it with whatever. My Genoese grandmother, Teresa Sangiacomo, made it with brains and spinach.
If you want to collaborate with the myth of Marco Polo, have to buy ravioli in it Chinatown from Belgrano. I recommend the pork-stuffed ravioli that is steamed and then browned on the grill.
In the neighborhood Mouth It is a tradition to fill them with green borage weed. And the planet ravioli and its fillings It's infinite. Not to mention the others stuffed pasta Like the cappeletti, tortellini, agonolotti & cia.
Regarding the sauces, the favorites are the Bolognese sauce, butter with sage, the pesto or, simply and increasingly, olive oil, basil and walnuts - that is, the slight deconstruction of a pesto.
Memory the best ravioli of my life: on every Parisian getaway to the Marché on rue Maubert, he bought them from a stall who only sold products from the south of France, characteristic of Mediterranean.
They were minimal and delicious, drizzled with olive from the same region. Once at home, I accompanied them with a rosé from the Provence. It is also known: Nice It was once Italian and its flavors remain.
After a walk through EuropeAmerica and Asia, we've summed up almost the entire world in one ravioli.

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