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The great home chefs sign up for gourmet vegetarian cuisine

The bad relationship between gourmet vegetarian cuisine and the great star chefs who loved traditional Michelin-starred cuisine is over.
The good professional chef, the home chef, the professional chef, everyone signs up for a greener table!

Gourmet vegetarian cuisine is now a reality

From Paris through Barcelona and arriving at Milan, they are beginning to be familiar to lovers of haute cuisine and to home chef concepts such as gastrobotany, wild cuisine or biodynamics for gourmet tastes. 
We no longer only talk about a good sirloin, but also about how a good hummus or vegan cannelloni should be made, concepts that previously did not enter our imagination of a high-level meal.

International vegetarian cuisine

A vegan menu of at least three courses is the most common for professional chefs who want to find a new taste that is becoming more widespread every day.
You only have to think about the success of Jean-Christian Jury's book, Vegan Cooking, a monograph containing the recipes of great international chefs such as Xavier Pellicer or Michael Bras.

Gourmet vegetarian cuisine is a challenge for the chef

If vegetarian cuisine has begun to spread for healthy reasons, and the first pioneers of the great professional chefs proposed it as a healthier alternative, today this is no longer the case.
Vegetarian and vegan cuisine has prevailed in the kitchens of the greats home chef because it is already considered a fresh, tasty cuisine, full of nuances, and even more difficult to make. For a professional chef, it is seen as a challenge to make a dish that convinces in flavor without the help of animal fats. You have to have more art.

Gourmet vegetarian cuisine: Nature and pleasure

¿La prueba? El chef Joël Robuchon en París, dos estrellas Michelin, pleno barrio de Saint Germain, lanzó un menú vegano y sin gluten llamado “Food & Life”.  Y el concepto clave de la nueva moda es lo de una “cocina de verduras y de placer” o de “naturalidad”. 
It is no longer about diet or sacrifices, it is more about recovering pure flavors and in contact with nature, without the mediation of the contributions of everything that derives from animal fat. An example is creams that were very fashionable in the 80s.

Technique exercise with gourmet vegetarian cuisine

A good home chef knows that reproducing the same sensations on the palate is quite a challenge. The textures of the green kitchen They are more crunchy, the softness and silkiness of the sauces and stock based on animal fat can only be reproduced with a lot of technique.

Vegetarian cuisine is not all the same

As in everything there is a lot of variety and when a professional chef tells us sometimes we need a little help. The vegetarian cuisine and vegan are becoming more complicated every day. Professional chefs always provide more specifications and innovative techniques that are elevating it in flavors and preparation methods.
Wild cooking means making the most of mushrooms and other wild fruits in the seasons when the forests generously offer them to us.
Gastrobotany means using roots, seeds, fruits, stems, flowers, in dishes, giving life to an unexpected cuisine!
Biodynamics in the kitchen is a practice that prefers recipes where only seasonal products are used according to the lunar calendar.
raw dishes and raw kitchen It means avoiding cooking as much as possible, everything that can be eaten raw will be preferable to preserve the nutrients.

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Alejandro Sancho
2 months ago

Vegetarian food is fashionable but many times it is not as healthy as people think.

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