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Teresa Carles, the authentic vegetarian reference of Barcelona

The Teresa Carles restaurant has experienced notable growth since its opening in 2011. In a city with a growing demand for vegetarian and vegan options, Teresa Carles has managed to position itself as a benchmark. According to a recent market study, the vegetarian restaurant sector in Barcelona has grown by 25% in the last five years, and Teresa Carles has contributed significantly to this increase. Its success is largely due to several strategies:
Menu Innovation: Offering unique dishes that combine Catalan tradition with signature cuisine, Teresa Carles attracts a diverse audience.
– Focus on Quality: Using fresh and local ingredients, they guarantee high quality in each dish, which has earned the loyalty of many customers.
– Effective Marketing: Through social media campaigns and collaborations with influencers, the restaurant has increased its visibility and attraction of new customers.

€30 (without drink)
Jovellanos 2. 08001. Barcelona
M Catalunya (L1 and L3)
Open every day from 12 noon to 4 p.m. and from 7 p.m. to midnight.

An unforgettable first visit

In the heart of Barcelona, among vibrant streets full of life, there is a magical corner where vegetarian gastronomy becomes art. On my first visit I was pleasantly surprised by its cozy atmosphere and attractive design with a window display of fruits and vegetables. This environment creates a relaxing atmosphere that invites you to stay and enjoy.

Warm and charming atmosphere

The Teresa Carles environment stands out for its warm and natural decoration, with recycled wood tables and soft lighting. Neutral colors and thoughtful details, such as linen napkins and recycled glass glasses, add a touch of elegance.

Attentive and friendly service

The service at Teresa Carles is excellent. The staff are extremely friendly and attentive, offering knowledgeable recommendations on dishes and always happy to answer questions.

Featured dishes that delight the palate

The food at Teresa Carles is exceptional. Here are some of the main dishes I tried:
Tofu and avocado tartareAvocado and tofu tower, soy milk, capers, pickles, mustard and beet juice.€10.50
Lasagna Teresa CarlesLasagna with tomato, quorn, bechamel and gratin emmental cheese.€11.50
Assortment of mini burgersMini seitan, soy and beet burgers, with homemade fries and organic ketchup.€12.50
Avocado CakeMacadamia nut cake with avocado and lime cream and coconut mousse.€5.95
They also have a lunch menu from Monday to Friday but it is very simple (cafeteria-like) and does not reflect the essence of the restaurant.

Personal recommendations

Starters: Tofu and avocado tartare is a fresh and light option to start.
- Main dish: The vegetable lasagna is unmissable, with a perfect combination of flavors and textures.
Dessert: Macadamia nut cake is the perfect ending to a delicious meal.

Cook by tradition and by vocation

A legacy in vegetarian cuisine

Teresa Carles is a chef who has revolutionized vegetarian cuisine in Spain. Since the opening of his first restaurant, his recipe book, which combines Catalan tradition with signature cuisine, has surprised and enchanted many. With emblematic dishes such as eggplant rolls and vegetable escudella, his restaurant has become a benchmark in Barcelona.
Teresa Carles Borràs, born into a family of farmers, has always been influenced by her love for gastronomy and the values of the countryside. His career in cooking began in the 1970s, and since then, he has worked tirelessly to promote a healthy plant-based diet.

Innovation and Quality

Today, Teresa leads the Teresa Carles Healthy Foods group, which includes two Teresa Carles restaurants (in Barcelona and Lleida), two Flax & Kale in Barcelona, a Flax & Kale takeaway and Teresa's Stairway to Health, a healthy fast food restaurant. Flax & Kale is known for its flexitarian approach, offering a mix of plant-based and oily fish dishes, while Teresa's Stairway to Health focuses on healthy fast food with grab-and-go options.
Teresa never received formal culinary training, but is self-taught. He has learned and perfected his art by traveling the world and introducing new ingredients and flavors into his cuisine. Their motivation comes from their childhood in Algerri, where they always cooked with fresh and seasonal products from the countryside.
Teresa's first restaurant, Paradís, opened in 1979 in Lleida and was a success despite initial doubts about the acceptance of vegetarian cuisine. Since then, it has been a pioneer in promoting a tasty and varied vegetarian diet.
Recently, Teresa has taken her Flax & Kale brand to mass consumption, launching a range of plant-based products that includes meat alternatives and plant-based cheeses. This diversification allows it to reach more people through e-commerce and large Spanish distributors.

Future vision

Teresa Carles Healthy Foods is an innovative group that began in 1979 and now has more than 250 employees, 8 restaurants and a production center of more than 6,500 m². They have been recognized for their commitment to sustainability, being the first hospitality company in Spain to receive B Corp certification. Through Flax & Kale, they seek to transform plant-based nutrition with products such as kombucha, prepared meals and cold-pressed juices. pressed.
In summary, Teresa Carles has left an indelible mark on vegetarian gastronomy in Spain, offering healthy and delicious dishes that demonstrate that eating well does not have to be boring. Her passion for cooking and commitment to a healthy lifestyle continue to inspire many.

Your book, much more than a good vegetarian recipe book

This book contains recipes, tricks and tools to discover the fundamental keys to vegetarian cooking.
There are more than 100 homemade vegetarian recipes and all kinds of basic preparations such as yogurts, cheeses or base broths.
The different recipes are grouped by season, so that it encourages you to cook according to the seasonality of the products. In addition, you will find tables, tricks and tips to enjoy eating better: All the wisdom that this chef offers us after more than 35 years in the kitchen, sharing knowledge.

“I realized that my way of understanding vegetarianism was much more hedonistic and inclusive: I simply envisioned vegetarian cuisine that everyone could enjoy. “

Teresa Carles

Customer opinion

Outstanding. Customers rate the restaurant with an average score of 90 out of 100 on the different review websites: Google, Tripadvisor, TheFork, Yelp and OpenTable.
Average grade

Positive opinions

Customers praise the food, highlighting the quality and taste of the vegetarian and vegan dishes. They mention that the menu options, such as lasagna, risotto, and vegan octopus, are delicious. They also highlight the friendly and professional attention of the room staff. Many enjoy the atmosphere and decoration of the place, considering it cozy and pleasant for dinners and brunches. The value for money is valued positively, and many customers mention that they will definitely return due to the excellent culinary experience.

Negative opinions

Some customers express dissatisfaction with certain aspects of the service. They mention specific unpleasant cases, such as being charged for a glass of wine that never arrived or a fee for delivering a birthday cake. Others criticize a lack of customer care, such as forgetting to package leftover food to take away. There are also comments about the atmosphere being too crowded for intimate dining and the feeling that the restaurant has become industrialized. Some complaints include problems with closing times, the cleanliness of bathrooms, and a feeling of unequal treatment between regulars and tourists.

Competition Analysis

To better understand Teresa Carles' position in the market, it is useful to compare its performance with other similar restaurants. Below are some case studies:
RestaurantFeatured FeaturesComparison with Teresa Carles
Flax & KaleFlexitarian menu, focus on healthy and sustainable dishesOffers options with fish, greater variety
Green SpotSophisticated atmosphere, creative international dishesMore expensive, focus on international cuisine
The Green HouseCompletely vegan menu, organic ingredientsLess variety in traditional dishes


Teresa Carles is a benchmark in vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona, standing out for her culinary innovation, quality of ingredients and effective marketing. Its balance between tradition and modernity, along with its appeal to diverse customers, has positively influenced local gastronomic trends. This restaurant not only offers delicious food, but also a complete experience thanks to its cozy atmosphere and attentive service, making it a must-visit for lovers of good cuisine.
Our rating – Excellent

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Martha Maldonado
1 month ago

The best vegetarian restaurant I know, even for non-vegetarians.

1 month ago

I am aware that Teresa Carles is an institution in Barcelona, but my impression after visiting the restaurant several times over several years (I live in London) is that the portions are getting smaller and the quality has deteriorated considerably.

Carlos Falco
1 month ago

I have been to the restaurant many times and have always been delighted. I had no idea she was such an influential pioneer in vegetarian cuisine in Catalonia! Their commitment to sustainability and the use of fresh, 0km ingredients is something that other restaurants should follow.

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