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Tea and ritual

The art of Tea has played a relevant cultural role in countries like China or Japan, where offering the tea ceremony to your guests is a symbol of hospitality. As a curiosity, in Japanese universities the tea ceremony is studied to build better human relationships, live in harmony with oneself and one's environment and to make everyday life more pleasant. A ceremony in which the details, gestures, postures, the way of drinking the tea and the sweets with which it is accompanied are taken care of.
Throughout human history, tea has been a protagonist in countless moments. Today it is one of the most consumed drinks. However, many of us do not know where this plant comes from, much less how we should prepare it to take advantage of all its properties and flavors.
Hot tea. Tea is a natural product generated from a plant, Camellia Sinensis, which is mainly grown in China, and Camelia Assamica, which comes from the Assam region of India. Other producing countries are Nepal, Sri Lanka, Japan and Kenya. The year in which a tea is harvested determines its quality. Likewise, the best tea is considered to be the one that grows at the highest altitude and, therefore, the most difficult to obtain. Depending on the oxidation of its leaves, that is, the time they are exposed to the sun, the different varieties of tea are obtained. And each of them with infused characteristics, and properties and benefits for our body.
There are different varieties of tea: White Tea, Black Tea, Red Tea or also called Pu-erh, Green Tea and Blue Tea or Oolong. Also, we find Rooibos Tea, but this is not a tea as such, but rather a bush and, finally, Herbal Tea, which are mixtures of herbs and fruits with a variety of properties.

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Erika Garcia
2 months ago

Tea is one of the great drinks in history. Originally from the East but currently very popular in England and Russia.

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