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Make mayonnaise at home or buy the jar?

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Have you ever heard a professional cook or a home chef talk about the 5 fundamental sauces that must be mastered? Of course one of the first challenges is to make mayonnaise at home.
The Homemade Mayonnaise It is one of the best preparations for a good cook, and you don't have to be a home chef to make it.
In fact, it is a French tradition to make mayonnaise at home. It is very common to get together on a Sunday, at the family home and make homemade mayonnaise.

How did the tradition of making mayonnaise come about?

The history of mayonnaise is very old, and dates back to the years of the French presence in Mallorca. 
In the year 1756, with the French presence of the Duke of Richelieu in Menorca, the date of birth of the Homemade Mayonnaise
The fight has been open since then. Legend has it that the duke commissioned his cook to cook a banquet, and that the poor cook had to content himself with preparing some homemade sauce with the only two ingredients he had: egg and oil. 

Is homemade mayonnaise Menorcan or not?

You will never know. While it is true that in France everyone is a professional chef when it comes to make mayonnaise at home, the debate is not closed. 
The first documentation of the recipe is from 1750, in Art de la Cuina, a Menorcan cuisine book from the 16th century. XVIII by Fra Francesc Roger. 

Recipe to make mayonnaise at home

The Homemade Mayonnaise It's easy to do if you know how. One of the tricks of the famous professional chef Julia Child was to use everything at natural temperature. Heating the container in hot water also speeds up the thickening process. So no eggs fresh from the fridge.

Ingredients of homemade mayonnaise

* 1 egg yolk.
* 1 tablespoon as large as mustard yolk, preferably Dijonnaise
* 3 teaspoons lemon juice
* Sunflower oil until thick
* Salt and pepper to taste

Make mayonnaise at home

With the help of a mixer, preferably hand-held, beat the yolk with the mustard until it has a homogeneous consistency.
When everything is well mixed, we add the oil in a continuous stream. The process has to last up to the minutes necessary to incorporate all the oil necessary for the sauce to thicken. Lemon juice only at the end please!

How do you know if the mayonnaise is ready?

The final test to know if our homemade mayonnaise is ready is to put a straight teaspoon in the middle. If it stays straight, done we have our homemade mayonnaise. If not, a little more oil will be needed.
Errors that lead to mayonnaise curdling:
* Egg temperature.
*If they are fresh out of the refrigerator. Freshness of the eggs. They better be fresh.
* Beating rhythm. If you stop whipping your mayonnaise and start doing something else, it's going to cut it.
* Too quickly when adding the oil. You have to add it little by little at the beginning, when it begins to thicken with a little more rhythm, but never add it all at once.

Arrange cut homemade mayonnaise

If, despite following the entire process, the mayonnaise cuts? It fixes itself, like everything. Put an egg in another clean mixing glass, add two or three tablespoons of the cut mayonnaise and it starts again. The only difference: no oil is added, the cut mayonnaise is added.
Et voila! 

Not all mayonnaise is the same; the boat ones, neither

It is possible to find good mayonnaise in the supermarket. We must make sure that the oil they carry is of good quality. Here we leave you what we think are the 3 best:




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