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Kitchen robot: Which one is the best?

Kitchen robot
Invest in a kitchen robot It can give you many practical benefits in your daily cooking. In this comparison of kitchen robots we tell you which are the best rated in Spain, their main characteristics and advantages and we give you solid arguments so that you can choose the most appropriate one (by capacity, power, price) for you and your specific and real needs.
Yeah you want to invest in the best kitchen robot available in Spain you have come to the right place: we have researched, analyzed and selected the best options from a high-end kitchen robot such as Thermomix or Cook Expert to basic kitchen robots for 250 euros.

What is a kitchen robot?

We all know that the secret to having a good and varied menu at home is have help. And nothing better for this than a processor or a kitchen robot: peel, chop, grind, chop, beat, squeeze, knead... Which also allows you to prepare first class dishes.
What is the difference between them? A good kitchen robot is a food processor and cooking appliance. That is, it allows you to prepare everything necessary to make any dish - even sophisticated ones - and it cooks it. It is like a pot, a pan and an oven more at home, with the ability to automate many processes.
With a good kitchen robot You can chop and grind foods, grate and slice fruits and vegetables, make smoothies, hummus, mousses and pâtés, purees and creams, broths and gazpachos, cake bases, nut flours, weigh foods... But in addition, as there are With so many good users sharing their recipes on the internet, you will be able to make multiple new recipes that you didn't know, in a practical way. Some of the most difficult, and the robot trains you to do them following the good step by step recipes for kitchen robots.
The year 2019 has been a true revolution in terms of kitchen robots since new options have been presented to the market with very low entry prices: the Lidl kitchen robot, he Aldi kitchen robot, He Cecotec robot, etc. with prices around 250 euros. Everyone is fighting for a place, but what are the differences between one of the aforementioned robots and a 1,200-euro kitchen robot? In this article we are going to explain the differences between both categories of kitchen robot.

Programmable kitchen robot

Another of the great advantages of a kitchen robot is that can be programmed, so you can cook while doing other things or keep food warm, a great help in our busy lives. It includes a multifunction control panel with automatic programs for the different functions, temperature, time and speed regulator.

Best OCU kitchen robot: annual comparisons

Of the 21 kitchen robots analyzed by the consumer magazine OCU, the Moulinex Masterchef 500 -750W, without cooking- is the best in the analysis, considered of good quality. Followed by the BOSCH MCM42024 -800W, without cooking-, and the Thermomix TM5 -1,500W, with cooking-. The Master Purchase is for the KENWOOD FPP235 -750W, no cooking- and the Philips HR7627 -650W, no cooking-. continuing with the OCU kitchen robots comparison:
The Taurus My Cook Touch -1,600W, with cooking- is considered by the OCU to be of good quality. And the Kenwook Cooking Chef Major KM096 -1,100 W, with cooking-, the Bosch MCM3201B -800W, without cooking-, plus a few more.

Best kitchen robot

We have already seen that there are no better or worse kitchen robots, but the ideal in price/quality for what you want to do with it. And that it is backed by a good brand that covers the warranty or has a repair service in Spain.
The best kitchen robot for you has to be multifunction -you decide what functions you want to include-, it must help you in daily cooking and it must allow you to create new dishes. At least cut, grind and emulsify. Make gazpacho and fruit smoothies, children's porridge, prepare vegetables for cooking... Or allow you to make several dishes at the same time if you need to take prepared food to work every day.

The best kitchen robot in the comparison: Magimix Cook Expert, why it is our choice

With 30 years warranty, undoubtedly this French brand trusts in the power of its kitchen robots. Since you will be making a significant investment, you should choose products that have not been designed with planned obsolescence like other robots... this Magimix robot offers the greatest guarantee of use on the market. It has food processors that perform all functions with a single button, with excellent results.
Don't let its appearance fool you, it is a kitchen robot designed to be the best on the market, with all kinds of functions and built in stainless steel to last for years and years. It has a 30-year warranty on its engine and 3 years in general!

5 benefits of having a good kitchen robot at home

Cooking involves performing several tasks at the same time: preparing food, cutting it, cooking... imagine that you do everything in a single device and that you can also program it to do exactly what you want. From experience, cooking using a food processor changes your time relationship with daily cooking. We highlight the great benefits of having a kitchen robot:
You will have a helper in the kitchen always!
You save time: You no longer need to cook before eating, you can program it and eat hot
You improve your kitchen: you access new recipes and dishes that you have not cooked until now
You save on cleaning: You only clean one appliance instead of several pots, pans, etc.
You save money: you will save on energy consumption if you compare the consumption of the robot vs. the consumption of several cooking stoves or several appliances.
The fact of cooking by programming is now extended to the possibility of managing your food processor from a mobile application.

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