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Home chef Why do you hire us?

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Calling a chef at home is something that is not done every day. A private chef at home is something very special. That is why after a time of gastronomic adventures we have decided to compile all the motivations that our clients have given us to hire our service.

Home chef – a service ready in a few hours

One of the main reasons for hiring our clients is lack of time. In a world that moves quickly, meeting after meeting, objective after objective, family logistics that become more complicated every day, it is very difficult to have the luxury of stopping and preparing a romantic dinner or a birthday party with friends; But so much work can lead to indulging.
A chef who arrives at home, leaves everything ready in 2 hours, picks up everything at the end of the dinner: a detail that our customers have always greatly appreciated.

A private chef – something different

It is not an everyday thing to be able to have a professional chef available at home, it is rather a novelty that is exciting. Many of our clients decide to hire the service to avoid always giving the same gift to their partner, to give their parents an anniversary surprise, to do something different and special: a little originality is what our clients appreciate.

A chef at home – an experience to share

It is very nice when we know that the most important thing about our work is that our clients will be grateful to us for sharing a moment with their family, a birthday dinner, a romantic evening at home, in a way that is difficult to forget.
The chef who presents the dishes, the charming and careful service, are the things that make our clients recommend us.

Having a professional chef at home – a delight for cooking lovers

It happens to us often in Chef at home, there are many fans who love good food, they try different cuisines and do not underestimate the novelties and the exotic, they love the various variations of a traditional dish, but it is very difficult for them to attend its preparation. That's why at Chef at Home we are delighted when we know that our clients entertain themselves by chatting with the chefs, watching how they are preparing the dishes or wanting to know something about the gastronomic culture of the chef they have at their disposal.

A private chef: speed and personalization

When there is little time to organize something special, purchasing online through an e-commerce that in 5 minutes provides us with a variety of products is something that our customers appreciate. In our menu section there are options for all tastes, but it is also worth noting that there are times when advice is needed.
For this reason, a very important plus for clients who have a need such as knowing which is the best menu to enjoy on a terrace, or which is the most suitable menu if there is a meal with children, is our personalized event planning service.
With something as quick as a call, our team will try to understand the demands of a romantic dinner, the tastes of the friends who have met for a birthday and will be able to advise you.

A home cook and changing times

Once upon a time mothers, grandmothers or a close relative could take care of the food for each celebration. Families usually lived in the same city or even in the same neighborhood, it was not an inconvenience to spend hours after shopping and preparing a meal. Today how many families can count on that?
Being able to have a chef at home today is something very modern, which our clients appreciate, and which allows us not to give up the comfort of enjoying a special occasion in the privacy of one's own home.

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