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Chefs who changed the way we eat

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It is estimated that the first recorded cookbook would be from 1700 BC in ancient Mesopotamia: a collection of recipes documented on four clay tablets. Throughout history, families and towns have transmitted their gastronomy through generations through recipes in books or handwritten memoranda, which allowed us to inherit flavors from the past. More recently, the phenomenon of the celebrity chef emerged.
Only in the early 19th century, a Frenchman named Marie-Antoine Carême, became famous for cooking for Napoleon Bonaparte and other European royalty, and publishing cookbooks. This was possibly the first famous chef.
From recipe books to cooking shows, in cooking classes to social media displays, chefs are changing what and how we eat. 

Jamie Oliver

Luego de trabajar en el restaurante londinense “The River Café” en Fulham, el british chef Jamie Oliver se hizo conocido por “The Naked Chef”, un programa televisivo que comenzó a transmitirse en la BBC en 1999, y también por “Jamie at Home”, cuyo contenido se centró en crear platos simples con ingredientes de calidad. 
Tras cautivar al ex primer ministro británico Tony Blair y a los críticos de gastronomía, Oliver defendió la idea de ofrecer almuerzos escolares más saludables para todos los chicos del mundo. En programas de televisión como “Jamie’s School Dinners” y “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution”, el chef visitó escuelas en Inglaterra y Estados Unidos para enseñar al personal de cocina y a los niños sobre alimentación nutritiva.
His emphasis on healthy and nutritious food continued in the gastronomic practice of his restaurants, his television programs and his cookbooks. Among them, the best known and most translated into Spanish are Jamie Oliver's kitchenHealthy recipes for every dayHealthy family cooking, and his last work, Vegetable Easy and delicious recipes with vegetables.

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain was an American chef, television host, and writer. He was trained at the Institute Culinary of America, worked for more than thirty years in restaurants and was head chef at the New York restaurant Brasserie Les Halles. During that work at the Brasserie, he wrote an article for the magazine in 1999. The New Yorker titled “Don't eat before reading this,” in which he detailed dark aspects of the gastronomic industry. Months later he included it in the work that would lead him to world fame.
Su trabajo televisivo le valió fama y elogios en todo el mundo y cambió la forma en que muchos estadounidenses pensaban la comida. En sus programas “Sin reservas” y “Partes desconocidas”, Bourdain viajó mucho para hablarle a la gente sobre la comida y cómo se cruzaba con sus identidades, culturas y políticas. En ellos, desafió la idea extendida de que la buena comida pertenecía exclusivamente a los restaurantes caros, blancos y occidentales, hablando tanto con dueños de restaurantes como con vendedores ambulantes, y mostrando platos de distintos orígenes.
Su trayectoria fue reconocida con un premio Peabody en el año 2014 y seis premios Primetime Emmy a las Artes Creativas; dos en cinematografía de no ficción por “Sin reservas” (2009 y 2011) y cuatro consecutivos en espacios informativos por “Partes desconocidas” (de 2013 a 2016). 
In addition to best-sellers Confessions of a chef and Raw, other works by the author can be found translated into Spanish, such as Appetites and Eat, travel, discover, an international food guide.

Francis Mallmann 

He is a chef, gastronomic entrepreneur, driver and writer Argentinian. In Latin America, his name does not require an introduction, his roast dishes, his restaurants, his awards and appearances in books and programs precede him.
He began his career as a cook when he was very young on a tourist boat on Lake Nahuel Huapi. At barely twenty years old, he began managing a restaurant with a partner, and then went to Paris, where he worked as an apprentice in nouvelle cuisine restaurants under Roger Vergé and Alain Senderens. Upon returning to Argentina, he worked in different restaurants and his own, where he also gave cooking classes.
Actualmente, dirige restaurantes en Argentina y Uruguay, entre ellos, “Patagonia Sur” en el barrio de La Boca (Buenos Aires), “Francis Mallmann 1884” en Godoy Cruz (Mendoza) y “Garzón”, ubicado en la localidad uruguaya homónima.
In 1983 he began to work on television and from 2006 he hosted various television programs on the ElGourmet channel. Some of them are: “Los fuegos con Francis Mallmann”, “Un lugar en Mendoza”, “Huente-Có”, “ Desde Garzón with Francis Mallmann”, “My Patagonia”, “The Blue Route”, “The Fires in Paris”, “Vientos del Sur” and “Mysteries of Iberá”.​ In 2016, he was the protagonist of one of the chapters of the documentary series “Chef's Table.”
In 1984 he published his first book, Instant cooking. Since that time, he published numerous books on gastronomy, especially on grilling and open-fire cooking techniques. Among his most famous books are land of firesseven fires and Mallmann on fire.

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