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Gluten-free: tips when cooking

We want to share some recommendations for those who have a friend or family member with celiac disease.
As a society we are very uninformed and we want to generate greater awareness. Many times we prepare a dinner, and this information will help you cook for our friends/family with celiac disease:
– Avoid flours and thickeners in sauce preparations
– If you cook a gluten-free pasta, evaluate whether the tomato sauces are suitable.
– When serving a bowl with a suitable spreadable cheese preparation, place a label and a special and differentiated spreader so that it is not confused and avoid mixing it with other spreadable cheeses. And be careful NOT to place the grisin in that bowl!
– If you prepare snacks, before serving them, do not remove the label that identifies the bowl with the gluten-free product.
– Be careful not to mix kitchen utensils or boards that have been used for foods that contain gluten, thus avoiding cross contamination.
– If you thought about cooking fried food, the oil must be clean and first used to avoid contamination with food residue.
The list of suitable foods is very broad, starting with the freedom to consume vegetables and fruits, fish, chicken, meats of all kinds, eggs, rice, millet, and we have special gluten-free flours. Reading the labels to look for the logo that identifies that it is gluten-free can take you a few seconds. Let's set an example!

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