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Best gas barbecues

Summer is approaching and with the good weather what you want is to buy a barbecue. But what you don't always want is to be busy lighting the charcoal and putting things aside so that the smoke doesn't stain them. This is why, especially if you live in an apartment, gas barbecues have become so fashionable.
But among so many models and formats, including the best portable barbecues for camping, it may take you longer to find one than in line at the butcher shop. So, so that you can choose the meat in advance, we have taken care of selecting the best quality-price gas barbecues.

What types of gas barbecues exist?

Portable gas barbecues

Portable gas barbecues are the best when it comes to mobility and size. They have become an ideal travel companion for those who like to cook and do not give up doing it anywhere outdoors. There are even some in which their folding function is essential in houses or homes with a small space designated for this use.
Their lightness and small dimensions have made them the queens of the city. Just because you live in an apartment block, you don't have to give up the grill, since you can install it on your small terrace or balcony.

Infrared gas barbecues

This type of barbecue works thanks to a burner that allows the heat to spread evenly throughout the entire grill. This burner produces infrared radiation, which reduces the cooking time of food.
Fuel savings are a priority in this type of barbecue and there are those who believe that the flavor of the food has nothing to do with that obtained from a gas barbecue without infrared. However, not all infrared barbecues work with gas (propane or natural), since different electric models can be found on the market.

Built-in gas barbecues

Built-in gas barbecues offer different styles (more traditional, modern and avant-garde) and sizes to suit your needs. If your space is not very large, you can opt for one of these barbecues, designed to be placed on a bar or countertop. They take up almost no space and their cost is much better than that of a classic barbecue.
We recommend at least two burners in this type of built-in gas barbecue, since its objective is that you can cook at high and low temperatures simultaneously.

Natural gas barbecues

You can start this type of barbecue by connecting it to the natural gas in your own home. These types of barbecues do not have the mobility of butane or propane gas barbecues, since they require the presence of a pipe for the connection that, depending on its length, can give more or less flexibility.
Additionally, they require professional installation and are typically more expensive than propane or butane models. The advantage of this type of barbecue lies in the price of natural gas, which is much cheaper.

Keys to choosing the best quality-price gas barbecues

Before we start choosing the best barbecue for your home, we are going to reveal to you the keys that we have taken into account to choose the best models. This way you will be able to know what the most important aspects are when choosing your next gas barbecue yourself.
Quick start: The best thing about gas barbecues is how quickly they light up and heat up, even faster than the best electric barbecues. But if you want to make it even easier, look for models with a quick ignition system.
Number of burners: If you want to be able to barbecue for four people or more, choose a gas barbecue with at least two burners. In addition, you can cook at different temperatures and heat zones.
Durable material: If you don't want to change your gas barbecue every year, look for one built with durable materials, such as stainless steel or cast iron. These materials guarantee greater durability and resistance to corrosion.
cooking surface: Take into account the size of the grill, especially if you are cooking for several people, choose a barbecue with enough space so as not to crowd all the food.
Accessories and extras: Even some better value gas barbecues come with extras like side tables, built-in thermometers, and extra burners.

Campingaz Attitude 2GO Portable Gas Barbecue

The best of all quality-price gas barbecues is the Campingaz Attitude 2GO. Perfect for barbecue even on the smallest terrace. Very flexible, elegant, urban style portable and with extras to precisely cook any rib you fancy.
Don't be scared by its price, it is an excellent purchase. In fact, what we like most, in addition to its design, is that it has a burner protection system, which are integrated into the grills and distribute the heat evenly.

Campingaz Tour & Grill CV Plus Portable Standing and Tabletop Gas Barbecue 1 Burner

Cheaper, but just as good portable, adaptable and capable of cooking for several people. The Campingaz Tour & Grill CV Plus is another of the best quality-price gas barbecues that we have tested. Ideal for cooking almost anywhere, which includes taking it to the beach or the countryside.
And this barbecue is too much It has extendable steel legs and uses a small standard gas cylinder, so you can place it anywhere. Additionally, one aspect to keep in mind is that it has a removable grease tray that is dishwasher safe.
Campingaz Tour Grill

Campingaz 3 Series Classic LS Plus D Gas Barbecue

We double the bet with the Campingaz 3 Series Classic, a large, fully-fledged gas barbecue, but due to its characteristics and above all, what it's worth, has earned a place among our selection of the best quality-price gas barbecues.
And it has everything, from its family size, to stainless steel burners, non-stick cooking surface, good heat distribution and a quick ignition and cleaning system.

Campingaz Classic WLD Series 3 Gas Barbecue 3 Burners Black

Very similar to the previous one in terms of features, but with a lower price, the Campingaz Classic WLD Series 3 is another of the best quality-price gas barbecues for parties and large meals at home.
With a good size, three burners and two wings on the sides for cooking, it is very, very comfortable. To cook, you will have an enamelled steel grate and a stamped steel plate, perfect for roasting any meat or vegetables, maintaining the right temperature and preventing food from sticking.

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