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Barcelona seeks the 'Best Burger in Spain' in the fifth edition of The Champions Burger

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Barcelona once again becomes the epicenter of high-quality gastronomy with the fifth edition of “The Champions Burger”, the prestigious festival that seeks to crown the best burger in Spain. Held in the iconic Plaza de l'Univers at the Fira de Barcelona from May 15 to 26, the event brings together more than 25 establishments that will compete to earn a place in the autumn national final. Admission to the festival is free, allowing burger lovers to enjoy this unique event at no cost.

A gourmet burger feast

The festival, which has toured cities such as Murcia, Córdoba, Alicante, Zaragoza and Madrid, not only offers classic burgers, but also innovative options adapted for vegetarians and celiacs. Among the participants are places such as Soul Coffee Beer, Gottan, Circo, Tarantín Chiflado, Vacarnal, Berty's, Nola Smoke, Umbrella, Torriko, Asado Burgers, Ranch Smoke House, Folks, La Burguesa, Double Biere, Acero, La Muralla, Guinness Burger, Cheek and Jenkin's.
Attendees have the power to decide which will be the best burger in Spain by voting through a QR code printed on the receipt of each purchase. This voting system allows for an interactive and democratic experience, where flavor, the combination of ingredients, originality and the passion of the chefs are the main evaluation criteria.

The Hall of Burger: A tribute to the champions

Within the festival, the “Hall of Burger” stands out, a space reserved for the winning creations from previous editions. Here, visitors can taste the famous Jenkin's burger, which won the title of Best Burger in Europe 2023 thanks to its glazed saloon with black angus meat, smoked cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, bacon, marinated cucumbers and sauce Korean. Although they are not in competition, these burgers serve as inspiration and reference for new contenders.

Beyond burgers: A festival for all tastes

The festival isn't just limited to burgers. Various food trucks offer other delicacies such as fried chicken from Cheeck's, fries from Ybarra Truck and irresistible donuts from Loan pastry shop, along with cheesecakes from Las Torres de Ciriaco. This diversified approach ensures that everyone who attends finds something to their liking, turning the event into a true gastronomic festival.

A nomadic event in search of excellence

“The Champions Burger” is more than just a contest; is a gastronomic tour that will visit 16 Spanish cities before concluding in November. After its stop in Barcelona, the festival will travel to Seville, Valencia and San Sebastián, among other cities, in search of the candidates who will compete in the grand final. The culmination of the event will not only determine the best burger in Spain, but also the best in Europe, with the participation of the 10 best national burger restaurants and several European competitors.

A festive and haute cuisine atmosphere

The combination of fire, flavor, music and a vibrant atmosphere makes “The Champions Burger” an unmatched experience. Each burger is a masterpiece that reflects the creativity and dedication of its creators, offering attendees a unique opportunity to explore new combinations and flavors.

The burgers you can't miss

Those who follow gastronomic accounts on social networks will have seen these days the fantasies that hamburger eaters had brought to the city. From a burger made with Gublins, that crunchy snack, to which he brought Eneko Fernández, winner of the MasterChef 11 program, the “Guinness Burger”, a new concept of hamburger gourmet with the iconic black beer as an unprecedented ingredient.
We also liked: Ryan Motais Cheek (very balanced and with a slightly spicy sauce), the Don de Asado Burgers (pulled pork with peach sauce and special mayonnaise), the Crazy Tarantín Bug (with smoked cheese fondue in the middle and the famous Gucci sauce syringe so you can enjoy an extra cheese shot) and Juana la Cubana by double Bière (wood-fired suckling pig, caramelized peanuts and habanera sauce. Very complicated but delicious!)
we fell in love Jenkins' Emmy (with black angus meat and a sauce that you will love) and All Star Franklin from The Ranch Smokehouse (very carnivorous, with a delicious sauce and a wonderful smoky touch).
The burger “La Manuela” was one of the most daring burgers and was applauded by the Barcelona public. with bread Brioche potato, 2 discs smash of 70 grams of organic beef rested for two weeks, caramelized onion with Ratafia by Alquimia liqueur, smoked provolone, bacon jam, chistorra mayonnaise and pork rinds.
And of course, the winner of this edition. The proposal of the Malaga restaurant Gottan with the burger “Lil Wayne”, a minced aged ribeye, cheddar cheese, crispy onion, bacon cooked 48 hours at low temperature inspired by Kikanbo ramen, Louisiana-style sauce and bacon bits.
In conclusion, “The Champions Burger” is a celebration of gastronomy and culinary creativity, where both chefs and the public play a crucial role in the search for the best burger. With its festive atmosphere and an impressive variety of options, the festival promises to be an unforgettable event for all lovers of good food.

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